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About us

Tan Eow Chong is Founder of Durianhill Plantation

Established in 1981 when he was aged 20, He

was very interested in planting and create many

formula for plant in a different way to grow 

better. Then he found out the best way to grow

durian are high ground with minimum requirment

800 feet from the sea level land and he choose

few place that match his requirement and started his

plantation business.

Now durianhill is followed by his son Tan Chee Keat,

Chee Boon and Chee Wei to letting his sons know 

the formula his pass all those year.

Tan Chee Wei is managed durian franchise business

and distribution.

Tan Chee Keat is handling all the plantation business

Tan Chee Boon is take caring durian factory to run 

downstream  product such as Paste, Mooncake and 


Patient grow goods Durian

TAN EOW CHONG, Advisor / Chairman

Old Trees Musang King With Tan Eow Chong

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